You might have never heard of it but there is a finn living in every house. Finns are furry little creatures; they are invisible to the human eye and take care of our homes in secret.
One particular finn, Finnick, is kind and fun as an average house-elf would be. But at times he can be moody and a little destructive. Constantly teasing residents of his house, Finnick makes sure that no family stays in his domain for long.
It all changes when new residents move in. Finnick's tricks leave no impression on the newly arrived family. And right after Christine, a teenage-girl tenant, accidentally learns of Finnick's existence, all sorts of ominous and puzzling events ripple through the city of Berg, once a provincial paradise. Finnick and Christine, as different as they may be, will have to join their forces, put their disagreements aside, and solve the mysteries in order to save the town.
Produced: 2022 Genre: cartoon Duration: 85 min Director: Denis Chernov Main Cast: Miklail Chrustalev, Veronika Golubeva, Ida Galich