Gogol. Viy
Produced: 2017 Genre: detective, drama, horror Duration: 100 min Director: Egor Baranov Main Cast: Alexander Petrov, Oleg Menshikov, Yevgeny Stychkin
Eerie murders continue in the village of Dikanka. Eleven girls has been killed by the mysterious Horseman. Gogol's fits occur more and more often, he communicates with the otherworld and believes this power to draw him closer to figuring out the murderer. However, when Gogol discovers that his beloved Liza is to be the next Horseman's victim, he gets bewildered, he wonders if can stand against the murderer. Fortunately, the witch hunter, martial artist and philosopher Khoma Brutus is ready to help Gogol out. Together they spend three horrible nights inside the ancient chapel, performing a funeral service over Ulyana, the witch, and summoning Viy, the most sinister creature of the otherworld.