Welcome Back!
One precise shot should have put an end to the busy life and big ambitions of Boris - an experienced fixer working outside the law, who always dreamt of becoming a confectioner. Soon after notifying his boss on his wish to resign, he gets a treacherous bullet in the back of the head. Sounds like the end of the story? Not so fast. That is when the things take a mind-blowing turn. Positively dead (as it first seems) Boris awakens in the morgue. He receives help from a slightly shocked, but sympathetic and kind-hearted medical assistant Artyom. Together they get into so many troubles while Boris is trying to settle his unfinished business and unearth a mystery of his own death. All the while it is completely unclear what keeps him alive – thirst for revenge, unpaid debts, or a hope to start everything with a clean slate?
Produced: 2022 Genre: crime, comedy Duration: 30 mins Director: Egor Chichkanov Main Cast: Andrey Merzlikin, Denis Vlasenko, Aleksey Serebryakov Producers: Danila Sharapov