Two Women
Produced: 2015 Genre: Duration: 100 mins Director: Vera Glagoleva Main Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Anna Astrakhantseva, Alexander Baluyev
Russia, mid-XIXth century. The country estate of a rich Russian landowner, Islaev. Mikhail Rakitin, a family friend, returns from a trip abroad but is ignored. Everybody is excited by the tutor who has recently been taken on, Alexei Belyaev. This light-hearted, lively and fun-loving young man has injected a new, vibrant energy into the established and staid life of the house. Two women have immediately fallen for his charms: Natalia Petrovna, with whom Rakitin is hopelessly in love, and Vera, her step-daughter. In a desperate attempt to preserve the long-standing life of the family and Natalia Petrovna's favourable attitude towards him, Rakitin tries to persuade her to terminate the new teacher's employment. But Natalia Petrovna is not ready to part with Belyaev so soon.